I first became aware of the desperate needs of Cambodia back in 2006 when I went there as a guest of Life Today. The organization had committed to building a Life Center outside of Phnom Penh to address the desperate needs of orphans. As I wandered the streets, I saw abandoned children sifting through all the trash-filled alleyways that served as paths between shanties and makeshift shacks. I was overwhelmed by the devastation of this land and her children. Desperate poverty and wide-spread illiteracy were the lingering effects of the genocide of the Khmer Rouge.

Little did I know then that an even deeper darkness lurked within the squalid shadows. It was an unconscionable, depraved force that robbed the innocent and sacrificed the Cambodian children to a god of greed and lust: sex trafficking. As the years passed, I met this dark force in Thailand and India as well.

John and I sensed God was asking us to be a more active part of changing the children’s world. In 2008, we began a branch of Messenger Rescue called Pearl Alliance. In addition to raising awareness of human trafficking, we committed to supporting onsite organizations in Thailand and Cambodia that were making a difference.

Mindy, the founder of Fight for THEM, and her team have labored faithfully alongside us. To be honest, we were stunned by the creativity and commitment of this organization. I am honored to partner with women who use expressions of beauty to liberate daughters trapped in darkness.

Over the last two years, Fight for THEM has been a significant part of what we’ve done. Their generous partnership has helped fund raids on brothels, given rescued girls medical assistance, and built a rescue home for children whose parents were threatening to sell them. They’ve labored to see a vocational training center built and filled with rescued women who are learning to sew.

And now you are a part of this story. Your purchase provides hope for others! It says,”I am willing to be a part of the ‘fight for them’!”

Well done, daughters and patrons of Fight for THEM. Your generosity and purchase lays up treasure in heaven.

Lisa Bevere

Founder, Pearl Alliance

Messenger Rescue