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Living in Cambodia is a little bit like living in another world. The reality of it is so hard to convey to those who have never been. Cambodia is a world filled with absolute devastation and a history of despair, yet is a country which I believe has a future of hope.

I believe this because I see a new generation rising up. A generation that is fighting to be noticed and cared for. A generation that is determined to live.

I believe that as I walk into our home each day, we are raising up the next leaders of Cambodia. That gives me hope.

I see girls filled with joy and peace. Girls who have experienced atrocities that none should ever know, yet have survived and fought. Girls who have not let hardship stop them, but who have pushed forward and grasped onto change.

I see a generation. Rising up to take their place. With selfless faith.

I was singing these words by Brooke Fraser today and declared that over our girls. I hope over a country still struggling to find its feet.

I look for the hope around me everyday. It is there. Always there. And today I grab it and hold on tight.

Lacey works as a Project Support Officer in the She Rescue Home, Cambodia. Photo credit: C Mattner