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sokchea 3It is easy to become overwhelmed by the intensity of human trafficking. It is a huge problem involving so many, in all kinds of places. How do we help? How can we make a dent in this massive injustice? Fight for THEM determines to fight this injustice even if just for one. This past summer “even if just for one” meant one at-risk 9 year old girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy who had been laying on a mat for 9 years and considered only a burden, but we knew better. We had heard of the need for medical training and evaluation through In His Steps International who had come alongside of Sokchea, and rescued her from a life of despair. We knew that this one girl could be a world changer. We knew that with the proper medical attention she could thrive. Because she is worth it. Because ONE is worth it.

Jennifer, the physical therapist I assisted, and I spent hours upon hours planning for Sokchea and training our new Cambodian friends, who were timid at times in caring for this sweet yet strong-willed girl. We watched as they grew in confidence in taking care of her. It was beautiful to watch, as they learned how to assist her and then see her muscles respond. They were nothing short of incredible. Sokchea was assisted in doing things that her little mind probably never dreamed possible. She was able to sit up and watch the traffic pass by her small home. She adored the rides to and from the church especially when she could feel the wind blow through her beautiful dark hair. And at the end of our time there while we were saying our goodbyes she rolled over on her elbow, something we had been working on all week, propped herself up, and mustered up all of her strength to use her voice! It was the first time she used her voice in communication aside from laughing or crying. This is something we specifically prayed for! It was her way of saying goodbye and it was a beautiful moment.

One week assisted in changing Sokchea’s life. It changed the team assisting her, but most importantly it changed her family. The last day that we dropped her off at her home was much different than the pervious days of laying her on her mat and leaving her there after we said goodbye. This day was as if something had clicked. It was as if there was a realization that she had value. This day they scooped her up so that she could watch us leave while the whole family waved goodbye as we drove away. They began to understand that she was worth it.

She is the ONE. The ONE we were called to help. The ONE that has a purpose even with her diagnosis. The ONE that can make a difference. The ONE that will indeed make a difference.