Fighting to prevent the progression of sex trafficking and rescue those who are already enslaved.

Hope -a message from Lacey Garret

Posted on May 23, 2013

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Living in Cambodia is a little bit like living in another world. The reality of it is so hard to convey to those who have never been. Cambodia is a world filled with absolute devastation and a history of despair, yet is a country which I believe has a future of hope.

I believe this because I see a new generation rising up. A generation that is fighting to be noticed and cared for. A generation that is determined to live.

I believe that as I walk into our home each day, we are raising up the next leaders of Cambodia. That gives me hope.

I see girls filled with joy and peace. Girls who have experienced atrocities that none should ever know, yet have survived and fought. Girls who have not let hardship stop them, but who have pushed forward and grasped onto change.

I see a generation. Rising up to take their place. With selfless faith.

I was singing these words by Brooke Fraser today and declared that over our girls. I hope over a country still struggling to find its feet.

I look for the hope around me everyday. It is there. Always there. And today I grab it and hold on tight.

Lacey works as a Project Support Officer in the She Rescue Home, Cambodia. Photo credit: C Mattner

“The Truth” a message from Jennifer Williams

Posted on May 8, 2013


Her bright blue glasses were the first thing that caught my eye. She was fast; running circles around anyone and everyone. She was beautiful; tan skin and shiny black hair. She was a daughter. A sister. A child. Unfortunately, she was a little girl who saw and experienced a very dark side of this world at a very young age. She has been a victim of sex trafficking. But having been rescued; safe at a rescue home she finally had hope. She was surrounded by love, cherished for who she was; a beautiful girl with bright blue glasses.

Each and every child we came to know in Cambodia had a story. Many completely heart-wrenching. Our first drive through the busy, neon-lit streets sent our minds into a whirlwind of accusations and assumptions. Wondering who played a part in this horrific industry we have come to know as human trafficking.

While looking back through pages of journal entries I had written during my time there, my eyes were drawn to a phrase I had written down twice. Two different pages but the same entry…“I want the truth to penetrate my heart.”

The truth is that human trafficking is real. It is a problem that cannot and will not fix itself. We assisted In His Steps International (IHSI) with a human trafficking awareness seminar one of our last days in Cambodia. We walked the streets of a local village inviting the people to come. Every chair was filled. Every eye watching. Every ear listening to examples of lies that they were all too familiar with. These men would come by their homes and offer a better life for their daughters: an education, a future, hope. They had no idea that this was a trap and that their daughters would actually be sold into slavery. At the end of the seminar multiple women came up to us crying, “The men came yesterday and took our daughters. Please, help us get them back.”

The truth is human trafficking is real. The truth is that God calls us to live big, life-changing lives. This life of mine isn’t about me. My joy comes from knowing that the Lord uses this goofy girl to love Hid people; the people that are so often overlooked by the world. The truth is that the time I spend on others in important. It’s life-changing. It’s life giving. Whether I am walking the streets of Cambodia with children pulling on my hands or sharing the truth of human trafficking with the people I work beside, it is all important. It is al worth it. The girl with bright blue glasses depends on the help that people like me can give her even is she is halfway around the world.

The truth is someone has to fight. The truth is that someone is me. The truth is that someone is YOU.

-Jennifer Williams
Fight for THEM volunteer

A message from Lisa Bevere, Founder, Pearl Alliance.

Posted on April 3, 2013

I first became aware of the desperate needs of Cambodia back in 2006 when I went there as a guest of Life Today. The organization had committed to building a Life Center outside of Phnom Penh to address the desperate needs of orphans. As I wandered the streets, I saw abandoned children sifting through all the trash-filled alleyways that served as paths between shanties and makeshift shacks. I was overwhelmed by the devastation of this land and her children. Desperate poverty and wide-spread illiteracy were the lingering effects of the genocide of the Khmer Rouge.

Little did I know then that an even deeper darkness lurked within the squalid shadows. It was an unconscionable, depraved force that robbed the innocent and sacrificed the Cambodian children to a god of greed and lust: sex trafficking. As the years passed, I met this dark force in Thailand and India as well.

John and I sensed God was asking us to be a more active part of changing the children’s world. In 2008, we began a branch of Messenger Rescue called Pearl Alliance. In addition to raising awareness of human trafficking, we committed to supporting onsite organizations in Thailand and Cambodia that were making a difference.

Mindy, the founder of Fight for THEM, and her team have labored faithfully alongside us. To be honest, we were stunned by the creativity and commitment of this organization. I am honored to partner with women who use expressions of beauty to liberate daughters trapped in darkness.

Over the last two years, Fight for THEM has been a significant part of what we’ve done. Their generous partnership has helped fund raids on brothels, given rescued girls medical assistance, and built a rescue home for children whose parents were threatening to sell them. They’ve labored to see a vocational training center built and filled with rescued women who are learning to sew.

And now you are a part of this story. Your purchase provides hope for others! It says,”I am willing to be a part of the ‘fight for them’!”

Well done, daughters and patrons of Fight for THEM. Your generosity and purchase lays up treasure in heaven.

Lisa Bevere

Founder, Pearl Alliance

Messenger Rescue