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Even If Just For One- Jennifer Williams

Posted on January 11, 2015

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the intensity of human trafficking. It is a huge problem involving so many, in all kinds of places. How do we help? How can we make a dent in this massive injustice? Fight for THEM determines to fight this injustice even if just for one. This past summer “even if just for one” meant one at-risk 9 year old girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy who had been laying on a mat for 9 years and considered only a burden, but we knew better. We had heard of the need for medical training and evaluation through In His Steps International who had come alongside of Sokchea, and rescued her from a life of despair. We knew that this…

It’s not OK- Why we do what we do -a message from SHE Rescue Home

Posted on October 17, 2013

she rescue

This is the story of one on the girls in our care. We’ve omitted her name to protect her identity, but perhaps just for a moment you could step out of your skin and imagine your name in her place…

She is four feet tall, has a self-cut bob haircut and a big toothy smile. For the longest time she has known the most beautiful Cambodian proverb- that she is like a white cloth. She is pure and clean with no blemishes (just as a young girl should be). This knowledge gave her a hope for the future that far outweighed her circumstances. She has never met her dad, her mum was sent to prison for drug trafficking and until she entered the care of SHE Rescue home, she was living with her grandmother in a home most would nt even consider a home. With no other options available she begged and sold bracelets on the street to contribute towards her family income.

Note: Cambodian proverbs do state that women are pure like white cloth however this is not the whole proverb. In it’s entirety the proverb is as follows… Men are like gold and women are like white cloth. If god is tarnished it can be polished up like new, though if white cloth is stained, it is stained forever…

She had befriended a group of 13-15 year old boys for protection as she begged into the early hours of the morning, though instead of protecting her, the raped her. Betrayed and distraught she went to the one place she knew to escape- her grandmother.

She disclosed this terribly painful and confusing experience to her grandmother only to find out that her grandmother’s concern did not lie in her grief but that she was no longer white cloth anymore-she was tarnished. As time passed she began to believe it herself.

Because of this stigma and dramatic drop in perceived worth, her grandmother started taking her to motel rooms where elderly western men were waiting- not to rescue her, not to comfort her, but to further break her body and her spirit in unspeakable ways.

Thankfully this is not the end f her story (even though for so many women and girls who never get rescued, it is). She was rescued and taken to the safe-haven that is the SHE Rescue Home. Though it took some time she has realized that she will never be taken to another motel room again. The new people she is with don’t beat her, don’t mistreat her, certainly don’t rape her and in fact treat her as is there isn’t a stain marred across her life at all. She goes to school rather than sell things on the street, She gets to talk with professional counselors about her life, She has a social worker to help her and her family move towards a better future, and she gets a warm dry bed and a loving house mother every single night until that better future she had always hoped for can become a reality. It’s not ok that she had to experience what she did and that’s why we do what we do. -SHE Rescue Home

With Christmas right around the corner please consider what you can do to contribute to fighting for children just like this. Fight for THEM jewelry makes beautiful and meaningful gifts for family or loved ones and by your purchase 100% of proceeds go toward projects that assist in the rescue and rehabilitation of those who have been silenced.

Sak Saum Nursery

Posted on September 10, 2013

At 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys my mind is on all things baby. As I pin baby ideas to my pinterest board, look through baby magazines and browse through baby stores my natural instinct is to create the most beautiful loving environment for my sweet babies before they arrive. I feel so blessed (and relieved) that our nursery is almost ready for our boys complete with two cribs, a rocking chair, and lots of sweet decorations on the walls, shelves and bookcases. Our cabinets are full of bottles and our closet with diapers.
I cannot imagine what it would be like to feel helpless when it came to preparing a place for my child or taking care of them when they arrived. To think that there are women who have been abandoned, taken advantage of, left with nothing and no way to prepare or provide for their baby or baby on the way breaks my heart.
This is a reality for many women, but fortunately for the women in this video someone has stepped in. It is so inspiring to see the efforts of the Sak Saum staff (one of the ministries Fight for THEM helps support) making a difference in the lives of not only young women but their children as well. These women are equipped with skills to work and make money to take care of their children and lead them in a loving lifestyle so that vicious cycles of abuse, abandonment and neglect are broken.
“Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone to call their own.” -Mother Teresa

My heart is overjoyed that these precious lives will feel loved, cared for and wanted from the very beginning.

Watch out Freedom’s coming

Posted on August 6, 2013


One of the ministries we support, Sak Saum, creates jobs for women to assist in the restoration/prevention process of anti-trafficking. The women employed create beautiful bags, jewelry and accessories and sell them at events and online. For the month of August they will be partnering with an organization, The Exodus Road, to fund brothel raids. They are highlighting their ‘Freedom Wrap Watch’ this month. Each watch is $20 and $10 from every watch sold will go to fund brothel raids. With every 150 watches sold another brothel raid can be funded. Please visit to read learn more or to order a watch!

Hope -a message from Lacey Garret

Posted on May 23, 2013

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Living in Cambodia is a little bit like living in another world. The reality of it is so hard to convey to those who have never been. Cambodia is a world filled with absolute devastation and a history of despair, yet is a country which I believe has a future of hope.

I believe this because I see a new generation rising up. A generation that is fighting to be noticed and cared for. A generation that is determined to live.

I believe that as I walk into our home each day, we are raising up the next leaders of Cambodia. That gives me hope.

I see girls filled with joy and peace. Girls who have experienced atrocities that none should ever know, yet have survived and fought. Girls who have not let hardship stop them, but who have pushed forward and grasped onto change.

I see a generation. Rising up to take their place. With selfless faith.

I was singing these words by Brooke Fraser today and declared that over our girls. I hope over a country still struggling to find its feet.

I look for the hope around me everyday. It is there. Always there. And today I grab it and hold on tight.

Lacey works as a Project Support Officer in the She Rescue Home, Cambodia. Photo credit: C Mattner

“The Truth” a message from Jennifer Williams

Posted on May 8, 2013

Her bright blue glasses were the first thing that caught my eye. She was fast; running circles around anyone and everyone. She was beautiful; tan skin and shiny black hair. She was a daughter. A sister. A child. Unfortunately, she was a little girl who saw and experienced a very dark side of this world at a very young age. She has been a victim of sex trafficking. But having been rescued; safe at a rescue home she finally had hope. She was surrounded by love, cherished for who she was; a beautiful girl with bright blue glasses. Each and every child we came to know in Cambodia had a story. Many completely heart-wrenching. Our first drive through the busy, neon-lit streets sent our…